Hello, I'm Snow 👋🏻

Hobbyist Full-Stack Web Developer


Who am I?

I'm a 19 year old student from Sweden. I'm highly interested in Software/Web Development and other electronics

I've been a coder since 5th grade which is now about 8 years ago. I started out learning Unity and Game Development, there I learned C# during my journey, this would inevitably start my long coding journey. As I'm now self-learnt in JS/TS, C#, C/C++, Lua and PHP. I'm also currently learning about some Web frameworks, mostly React.js along with Next.js.

I was always interested in computers as a kid and was usually spending my time learning how to work them, I was usually the "IT kid" who would help out if there were issues with computers in the school. I then around 4th grade started attending a tech club sort of where they did some basic coding on what's called a "CodeBug", it's like a programmable chip with some LEDs and buttons for a younger audience. I eventually stopped going there cause it was pretty underwhelming and about a year or 2 later started coding in Unity to go on to create several hobby projects

I was learning coding in Unity up until 7th grade when I started branching out to creating software that (mostly) could solve some niche problems of mine.

It wasn't until the next year I started with other languages such as PHP and Lua. I started doing some hobby projects in PHP and would eventually ended up creating my first website. During this time I also learned Lua which I would end up working for several years and start to get my first source of income selling LUA scripts, I won't mention what I made but you will no doubt find it by googling my name. I would end up doing this for another 2 years where I started getting into C/C++ and JS

In my first year of High School, I began reverse engineering software and coding in C/C++, this led me to learn some barebone game hacking/reversing using mostly static analysis tools.

After the first term of the first year, I started learning JavaScript as I was interested in learning how to do modern web development, I swiftly learned about React.js and Next.js where I would start making some test websites, I also learned how to make backends and things of the sort. This is sort of where I'm at right now, I'm part-time hired as a Web Developer for an agency and I'm also working on some personal projects.